Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Archivers haul

I rushed in the day I found out the discount was up to 40% off everything. I don't think they discounted the extra 40% off the things already on clearance, but I still got away with a huge haul.
Here are pictures:

Looks like I am gravitating towards aqua this year. 
I might drop by Archiver's again if I have some spare money in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed there are still things left! I would get a bigger selection of paint daubers and washi tapes and ribbons. If there are any pretty, reasonably priced 12x12 kits, I might spring for a few of those too, since I plan on going into scrapbooking. 
I wish they had silhouette cameos left… yeah right! They probably flew off the shelves when the discount was only 25%. I have lots of steel dies which I hope to use way more often when I move and have a cutting station where the grand calibur can be placed permanently.

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